All Speedcars must be registered with Speedcars Australia annually via our affiliated clubs. It is the responsibility of each car owner to have a copy of, and be familiar with, all relevant specifications of the Speedcars Australia Racing Manual. Speedcars may only be registered in the State in which the car owner resides.







MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR REGISTRATIONS (ie Speedcars Australia Membership):

  1. Only authorised scrutineers (current red or orange carded, licensed through an affiliated Speedcars Australia State club) are to inspect cars for the purposes of registration. In the event a state does not have an available scrutineer, this is to be escalated to the board and not be handled independently by the owner/driver or individual clubs.

  2. In a public setting (ie inspection day, track etc), Speedcar scrutineers cannot refuse to inspect a car, and car owners cannot refuse an authorised scrutineer to inspect their car for the purposes of registration due to personal reasons. Both parties can invite one local committee member or one independent club member to witness the process.

  3. In the event a car is not situated in its home state at the time of the annual visual inspection, both the home club and the state club where the car is located are to be party to the registration with an 'out-of-state inspection' performed. The committee of both clubs (and their chief scrutineer) are to be made aware of the required inspection minimum 72 hours in advance. This must include confirmation of who will perform the inspection and which club will issue the registration tag as per point #5 below. Registration fees are to be paid to the home club prior to the performance of an out-of-state inspection to allow for confirmation of receipt. Paperwork once completed is to be shared with the registered home state and Speedcars Australia.

  4. The registration tag must be issued by the scrutineer performing the inspection on the day. Under no circumstances can a registration tag be issued directly to the owner/driver prior to inspection. 

  5. Per agreement under point #3 above, the tag must only be stamped and provided to the inspecting scrutineer for issuance by either the home state scrutineer or the local club performing the inspection.

  6. Inspection is to be performed against the annual visual inspection form available above. 

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