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Rule Change Submission Forms Now Available

The annual rule change submission form for proposed updates to the 2017-2018 Speedcars Australia Inc national 'Speedcar Racing Manual' are now online for download for all registered car owners.

Forms can be completed electronically (Word), or printed and filled out by hand. These are to be discussed and voted upon at your next club meeting by registered car owners.

Club accepted forms will then need to be submitted by your committee to (electronic copies or scanned images are accepted) strictly by April 29th. Proposed changes will then be collated for national vote by registered car owners.

The updated template requires all applicable sections to be completed. This includes a tick box for the type of proposal (amended, deleted or new rule); a wording section to document how you propose the rule to read in the 17-18 book (not applicable for proposed full rule deletions); and lastly a reasoning and supporting information section to explain any background, detail or provide diagrams to allow car owners from other states to be able to vote on your submission without requiring further detail as this can delay the process. Further supporting documents or images can also be submitted with your proposal.

To download a copy of the form please click HERE!

Contact your local Delegate or President with any questions, or email Alison via

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