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The annual Australian Speedcar Championship is run over two nights, typically in late January - early February. It is generally one of the highest prize money paying events of the race season and sees competitors from across the country and often from the United States and New Zealand battle it out for the sought-after crown. 

The first event was hosted in 1935 in Melbourne and while formats and structures have evolved over the years, the championship has been awarded almost annually, excluding the years of World War II, in the event of wash-outs or similar, and the 2020/21 event as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.  


NSW's Andy McGavin and Ray Revell are the most successful drivers in the Australian Championship honour roll, both winning five championships (all won before 1964/65). West Australian Michael Figliomeni, Northern Territory's Warrenne Ekins and NSW's Adam Clarke have each won the event four times, all since 1989/90. Australia's first Formula One World Champion Sir Jack Brabham also won the Australian Speedcar championship in season 1948/49.

NSW is the most winningest state of the Australian Championship, claiming the crown 32 times. West Australia has claimed 12 wins, while a Queenslander has taken the crown 5 times, as has the Northern Territory. South Australia has seen only 3 winners and despite hosting the inaugural event in 1935, Victoria has seen only 4 winners with a winning drought since 1938/39! Tasmania who joined Speedcars Australia in 2015/16 is yet to take a win off the mainland.

Unlike many other national championships in Australian speedway racing, overseas drivers are permitted to compete in the Australian Speedcar Championship. Americans have won the championship fourteen times since it's inception, ten of which have been since season 2002/03. Michael Pickens made history in season 2015/16 by becoming the first winner of the event from New Zealand. 


American Brady Bacon is our current Australian Champion having claimed the win from Western Australian Kaiden Manders, and fellow American Thomas Meseraull at Sydney's Eastern Creek Speedway in March 2023.

While Speedway historians have debated honour roll inclusions pre-1965 due to the amended formats (i.e. a national series and a three round series rather the single event seen in recent times) and conflicting sanctioning bodies resulting in dual events in the same season; below is the generally accepted list of winners.

Australian Speedcar Championship Honour Roll, 1935 - today:

1935 (inaugural) - Bob Finlay VIC

1935/36   Les Gough VIC

1936/37   Bert Woodman SA

1937/38   Harry Shaw VIC

1938/39   Ted Gray VIC

1938/39   Beal Simmons USA

1939/40   Dinny Patterson NSW

1945/46   Ray Revell NSW

1947/48   Cal Niday USA

1948/49   Sir Jack Brabham NSW

1949/50   Ray Revell NSW

1950/51   Ray Revell NSW

1952/53   Ray Revell NSW

1953/54   Andy McGavin NSW

1954/55   Andy McGavin NSW

1955/56   Andy McGavin NSW

1956/57   Ray Revell NSW

1957/58   Len Brock NSW

1958/59   Andy McGavin NSW

1959/60   Bob Tattersall USA

1960/61   Andy McGavin NSW

1961/62   Bob Tattersall USA

1962/63   Jimmy Davies USA

1964/65   Peter Cunneen NSW

1965/66   Johnny Stewart NSW

1966/67   Johnny Stewart NSW

1967/68   Johnny Stewart NSW

1968/69   Blair Shepherd QLD

1969/70   Bob Morgan QLD

1970/71   Ronald Mackay NSW

1971/72   Ronald Mackay NSW

1972/73   George Tatnell NSW

1973/74   George Tatnell NSW

1974/75   Johnny Fenton WA

1975/76   Johnny Fenton WA

1976/77   George Tatnell NSW

1977/78   Ron Wanless QLD

1978/79   Ron Wanless QLD

1979/80   Barry Pinchbeck NSW

1980/81   Keith Mann WA

1981/82   Keith Mann WA

1982/83   Geoff Pilgrim WA

1983/84   Keith Mann WA

1984/85   Jim Holden QLD

1985/86   Phil March SA

1986/87   Tom Watson Snr WA

1987/88   Steven Gall NSW

1988/89   Graham Jones WA

1989/90   Warrenne Ekins NT

1990/91   Warrenne Ekins NT

1991/92   Phil Herreen SA

1992/93   Warrenne Ekins NT

1993/94   Warrenne Ekins NT

1994/95   Michael Figliomeni WA

1995/96   Michael Figliomeni WA

1996/97   Craig Brady NSW

1997/98   Robert Farr NSW

1998/99   Bob Holt NT

1999/00   Michael Figliomeni WA

2000/01   Adam Clarke NSW

2001/02   Adam Clarke NSW

2001/02   Michael Figliomeni WA

2002/03   Cory Kruseman USA

2003/04   Tony Elliott USA

2004/05   Steven Graham NSW

2005/06   Davey Ray USA

2006/07   Jerry Coons Jnr USA

2007/08   Davey Ray USA

2008/09   Kevin Swindell USA

2009/10   Nathan Smee NSW

2010/11   Davey Ray USA

2011/12   Washed out/non event

2012/13   Neville Lance WA

2013/14   Adam Clarke NSW

2014/15   Adam Clarke NSW 

2015/16   Michael Pickens NZ

2016/17   Rico Abreu USA

2017/18   Kaidon Brown NSW

2018/19   Dayne Kingshott WA

2019/20   Carson Macedo USA

2021/22   Matt Smith NSW

2022/23   Brady Bacon USA

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