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Speedcars, or Midgets as they are also known and named officially in other countries; are an open wheel class compromising of a Chrome Moly tubular frame and depending on configuration, generally a 166ci to 174ci purpose built race engine generating between 320hp to 360hp. They typically weigh 408kg / 900lbs creating a very high power-to-weight ratio.


The technical specifications of Speedcars in Australia is mostly aligned to other major Speedcar racing countries (namely New Zealand and the United States), with some variances in engines and minimum standards in competitor safety. The Speedcars Australia Inc Racing Manual defines specifications for Australian Speedcars, as voted upon by registered car owners annually. 


It is the responsibility of each participant (driver, pit crew member or official) to have a copy of, and be familiar with, all relevant rules and regulations, and by competing in any Speedcars Australia Inc. sanctioned race meeting, each participant is deemed to understand and has agreed to comply with and be bound by the rules. 

An electronic copy of the current Speedcars Australia Inc Racing Manual can be downloaded in PDF format via our Downloads page. 

All Speedcars must be registered with Speedcars Australia Inc, via a local State Speedcar association. Speedcars may only be registered in the State in which the owner resides. 

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