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$10k Speedcars Australia Chariots Tow Pool!

The Speedcars Australia Board are pleased to announce a $10,000 tow money pool has been funded to help offset expenses for teams travelling to Darwin for our inaugural attendance in the Chariots of Thunder Series!

Following the COVID-related cancellations of some of the division's blue ribbon events this season, Speedcars Australia has agreed to fund this $10k tow pool to be distributed between all Speedcars Australia registered cars attending the 2-weekend event this August.

Tow money payments will not be made in advance of the event and does not form part of the Chariots Of Thunder Speedcar regulations. Attendance and competition will be validated by Speedcars Australia to ensure nominations are eligible for payment. Spare cars do not qualify for seperate tow money. All payments will be paid by Speedcars Australia direct to registered car owners only. For any information, please feel free to email


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