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Following last night's COVID-delayed Annual General Meeting vote; Speedcars Australia Incorporated are pleased to announce the 20/21 Board Executive positions. NSW Board stalwart Glenn Gorham has been elected into the President's role, while Gary Greenwood of QLD accepted the Vice President position. Both were voted in unanimously.

With the conclusion of the Presidential and Vice-President terms, outgoing President Mark Harrington (since mid-season 17/18) and Vice-President Glen Mears (since season 18/19) elected to step down from their respective positions. The Board thank both for their efforts and dedication to the roles throughout their time at the helm.

In this COVID-impacted season, the Board will continue to focus on enhancing national administration functionality following improvements over the last two seasons, and supporting events across the country with clubs and tracks impacted by COVID. Funding has been authorised for a selection of events in all six Speedcars Australia-affiliated clubs including State Titles, blue ribbon events such as the Stan Burrows in QLD and the John Day Classic in WA, and state-based series rounds. All affiliated clubs will receive these allocations as events are run, as per previous seasons. Four events funded under season 19/20 that have been rescheduled this season are also guaranteed funding. Board Delegates/Presidents will share these outcomes with your local clubs.

Unchanged staff positions supporting the board are Michael Harders as the Treasurer and Public Officer; and Alison Dwyer as Secretary. Speedcars Australia contact information remains unchanged as, and PO BOX 114, Oakbank, SA 5243.

Effective immediately, the Speedcars Australia Inc Board is as follows:

President: Glenn Gorham (NSW)

Vice-President: Gary Greenwood (QLD)

Treasurer & Public Officer (Staff): Michael Harders

Secretary (Staff): Alison Dwyer

Board Representative on the Speedcar Advisory Committee (SAC): Rick McKay

Speedcars Australia Board:

QLD: Chris Foreman, Delegate

Gary Greenwood, QSRA President

NSW: Glenn Gorham, Delegate Dean Wellfare, SANSW President VIC

Andy Pearce, Delegate Lance McMinn, VSDA President

TAS: Luke Redpath, Delegate Brock Webster, TSDA President


Rick McKay, Delegate Mark Harrington, SASA President

WA: Mark Franks, Delegate Glen Mears, WASDA President

For any further information, please contact Speedcars Australia via or your local delegate/President listed above.


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