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Speedcars Australia Inc Board Member Changes

Speedcars Australia Incorporated announce the revised Executive Committee and Board Members effective immediately with the recent resignations of both Michael Harders (QLD) and Chris Telenta (WA).

Vice President Mark Harrington (SA) has been elected as the Speedcars Australia President, replacing Speedcars Australia stalwart Michael Harders. Long time Speedcars Australia representative John Dean (QLD) was subsequently elected as Vice President.

We thank Michael Harders for his dedication and efforts over a number of years on the Speedcars Australia Board. Michael was not only the QLD Delegate, but has also held various roles including the Speedcars Australia President; Speedcars Australia Secretary; the national Scrutineer which included coordinating a number of Australian Championship events; and this season he was the driving force in creating and leading the national Technical Committee. Subsequently we also welcome Queensland's Gary Greenwood back to the board as the replacement QLD delegate.

We also sadly see a more recent Board acquisition, West Australian Chris Telenta resigning from his position for personal reasons, and welcome back Mark Franks to the board as the replacement WA delegate. We thank Chris for the WA insights and strong national view he brought to the Board.

Effective immediately, new contact details for Speedcars Australia Inc are as follows:

President: Mark Harrington

0452 237 210

Treasurer & Public Officer: Brendan Sexton 0414 377 055

Secretary: Alison Dwyer 0419 352 231

Speedcars Australia Board: QLD Gary Greenwood, Delegate QLD John Dean, QSRA President NSW Glenn Gorham, Delegate NSW Ken Jenkins, SANSW President VIC Leroy Beasley, Delegate VIC Tim Fisher, VSDA President TAS Rod Jones, Delegate TAS Geoff Henri, TSDA President SA Ben Hall, Delegate SA Mark Harrington, SASA President WA Mark Franks, Delegate WA Glen Mears, WASDA President

For any further information, please contact Speedcars Australia inc via or your local delegate.

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