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State Title Tow Money Schedule

Speedcars Australia in conjunction with Speedway Australia, are pleased to confirm the following tow money schedule for the 6 state titles scheduled for season 18-19.

A fixed rate tow money schedule for each round has been calculated at 20c per kilometre travelled, based on the distance between your capital city and the host venue of each state title as at December 2018 (i.e. not from residences). Additional funding is also available via the TSDA for car transport to the 3rd Tasmanian title, with tow money shown in the schedule covering kilometres to Port Melbourne only (boat pick-up). The following per car tow schedule is fixed for the 18-19 State Championships:

Attendance at the events will be advised by the host clubs, and validated by Speedcars Australia from posted results. Competitors must take the green flag to be eligible for tow money.

For cars not based in their home state this season, car owners are to advise their nominated base state in advance of contesting any state titles via For example, a NSW car based in WA will not earn tow money for attending the WA title, but can be eligible for NSW title tow money if they nominate WA as their base-state. This can be set only once and cannot be changed between events. This will be validated with the two states involved (the nominated state & registration state).

To enable payment of tow money, car owners are requested to include bank details on the individual state title nomination forms (where applicable), or email bank details to before or immediately after an event. Tow money will not be paid in advance of an event being run.

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