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Rule Change Voting Going Online Nationally!

Speedcars Australia Inc are pleased to announce our new national rule change submission and voting process aimed at streamlining the annual rule book review, which has today gone live!

Rule change voting will this season be performed 100% online via unique URLs emailed to the email address you have provided on your season 19/20 Speedcars Australia Membership (registration) form; meaning car owners will no longer need to attend a club meeting to cast their votes! This has been successfully used for a few seasons in SA Speedcars, where drivers are based interstate and unable to attend local club meetings, such as our Northern Territory car owners.

While the long-term plan is to eventually allow car owners to submit proposed changes directly online; being in its first season, the Board have elected to retain the submission process offline per current process this season. Car owners will need to complete an electronic or printable form to submit a proposed change via their member club per previous years.

Once a proposal is accepted in your state (voted by car owners) your club will be responsible for uploading your submission to the Speedcars Australia Rule Change Portal. The portal replicates the fields in the paper form, and allows for 3 related images to be uploaded. Club submissions will then be distributed to all clubs and the Speedcar Advisory Committee (SAC) to allow time for discussion etc. By the 28th February, all national proposals will be distributed as a link for online voting by registered car owners.

The process also allows rule changes to be submitted at any time during a season, in lieu of a set month each year. Submissions loaded after the following allocated closure date cut-off will then carry to the following season.


  • SUBMISSION CLOSURE DATE (BY CLUBS): 29th January 2020.


  • ONLINE VOTING CLOSES: 29th March 2020

NOTE: All submissions will be vetted for compliance to the content requirements detailed in the form. Please ensure all fields are completed as where a submission is deemed unsuitable for voting due to poor documentation, the submission will be returned to the club with notification to the submitter via email. The above rule change submission and voting dates will be not adjusted to accommodate any errors or incomplete submissions. All technical rule change submissions will be vetted by the Speedcars Advisory Committee (SAC).

For more information contact your local Speedcars Australia delegates or SAC Member; or email

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