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Speedcars Australia Inc Clarification on Reported F2 Speedcar Concept

Speedcars Australia Incorporated has today been notified of an announcement from an unaffiliated association ASDRA to introduce a budget Speedcar division into Western Australia, replicating the New Zealand F2 Midget specifications. ASDRA and their related association West Coast Speedcars are not affiliated with Speedcars Australia and not recognised by Speedway Australia. The Western Australian Speedcar Drivers Association Incorporated (WASDA) is the only WA Speedcar association affiliated and sanctioned by Speedcars Australia and Speedway Australia.

In recent months WASDA have been investigating the opportunity to introduce a budget package into the division where competitors could still race against regular Speedcars at all Speedway Australia venues nationally. This is unrelated to the recent ASDRA announcement. The WASDA initiative has already noted the F2 configuration may not be a suitable budget solution in the Australian environment thus the continued investment to investigate alternative options.

Speedcars Australia Inc is a representative association for Speedcar owners nationally, with a board comprising of 2 representatives from each affiliated state Speedcar association as follows:

  • Western Australian Speedcar Drivers Association (WASDA)

  • Queensland Speedcar Racing Association (QSRA)

  • Tasmanian Speedcar Drivers Association (TSDA)

  • Speedcar Association of NSW (SANSW)

  • Victorian Speedcar Drivers Association (VSDA)

  • South Australian Speedcar Association (SASA, incorporating NT).

Speedcars Australia Inc also holds a seat on the Speedway Australia board, of which Speedcars are affiliated as a National Division.

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