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Night 2 of the Dutton Garage Australian Speedcar Championship as presented by Dream Multi-Media certainly didn’t disappoint, as right from the opening lap of the opening heat of the night, the racing intensity lifted to an amazing level. American Carson Macedo added his name to the long and illustrious list of Australian Speedcar Champions as he wheeled the Sean and Felicity Dyson backed N99 to Victory Lane. The 40-lap feature was punctuated by stoppages after it looked like Macedo would have to earn his keep as he came under early attack from Michael Pickens and Kaidon Brown before Brown retired to the infield and Pickens tagged the turn two concrete, inverting the once pristine NZ1 entry. From there on Macedo had his hands full with the likes of Alex Bright and Nathan Smee continually peppering away at the Californian’s lead. A lengthy Red Light situation for South Australia’s Troy Ware and then another soon after for Michael Stewart delayed proceedings, however once Macedo nailed the final re-start it was his Australian Championship as he led home countryman Alex Bright, New Zealand’s Caleb Currie and in what was a barnstorming run form the B-Main, Tom Payet who produced a drive for the ages to run fourth. Earlier, the final four heats for the weekend kicked off night two and saw the cars running high on the race-track with some sublime Slide Jobs being matched by some intense wheel to wheel racing. Carson Macedo set the scene in the opening heat making short work of the invert to make his way forward in impressive style to win from Tom Payet and Kaidon Brown who earlier experienced mechanical issues during his hot lap session. Returning serve in the second heat was nine-time New Zealand Speedcar Champion Michael Pickens who made short work of his ten-lap heat race to win from Nick Parker and fellow New Zealander Kaleb Currie. The third heat of the night was marred by a nasty crash that saw Victorian Young Gun Caleb Mills involved in a nasty turn four scrimmage with the N57 of Harley Smee. Michael Stewart added to his points haul after a lengthy delay by winning the heat from Amercian Alex Bright and Nathan Smee who charged from the rear. The final heat race of the weekend went the way of Adam Wallis, with the impressive Brock Webster locking in a pole shuffle start with a second placed run ahead of Joe Lostitch. The Pole Shuffle’s were exciting as anticipated. Carson Macedo would eventually top Michael Pickens with a clean sweep in their best of three battle for the pole position. The second row of the feature would be filled by Kaidon Brown and Alex Bright, while positions five and six would be filled by Rusty Whittaker and Brock Webster. The fourth row of the A-Main was decided by the opening two pole shuffles with Kaleb Currie and Brett Ireland filling positions seven and eight. In the 2020 Super Rod Cup it was to be Jamie May who take the spoiuls in yet another exciting night of Super Rod action at Sungold Stadium. Having recorded a win and two seconds from his three heat races May was the dominant figure on track, leading home the always hard charging Shaun Walsh with Troy Gleeson rounding out the podium. The quick results for the night were: Speedcars: Heat 1: 1st: N99 Carson Macedo; 2nd: W7 Tom Payet; 4rd V97 Kaidon Brown. Heat 2: 1st: NZ1 Michael Pickens; 2nd: V39 Nick Parker; 3rd S6 Kaleb Currie. Heat 3: 1st: N51 Michael Stewart; 2nd W4 Alex Bright; 3rd N14 Nathan Smee. Heat 4: 1st V21 Adam Wallis; 2nd T91 Brock Webster; 3rd: V22 Joe Lostitch. Pole Shoot-Out: 7 v 8: T91 Brock Webster defeated S83 Brett Ireland. 7 v 6: T91 Brock Webster defeated S6 Kaleb Currie. 6 v 5: V97 Kaidon Bown defeated T91 Brock Webster. 5 v 4: V97 Kaidon Brown defeated Q89 Rusty Whittaker. 4 v 3: V97 Kaidon Brown defeated W4 Alex Bright. 3 v 2: NZ1 Michael Pickens defeated V97 Kaidon Brown. 2 v 1: N99 Carson Macedo defeated NZ1 Michael Pickens (N99 won first two of best of three match races). B-Main 1: 15 laps Four to Transfer: 1st N11 Jay Waugh; 2nd N51 Michael Stewart; 3rd V27 Dillon Ghent; 4th V23 Matt Jackson; 5th W26 Keenan Fleming; 6th W23 Glen Mears; 7th N34 Jeffrey Burns; 8th T12 Mitchell Freeman; 9th V8 Jack Day; 10th N40 Dave Lambert. B-Main 2: 15 laps Four to Transfer: 1st W7 Tom Payet; 2nd S71 Troy Ware; 3rd S57 Robert Heard; 4th N24 Clint Leibhardt; 5th V26 Taylor Gore; 6th N42 Warren Fergusson; 7th V9 Matthew Balcombe; 8th S88 Todd Wigzell; 9th V75c Shannon McQueen. A-Main 40 Laps:1st N99 Carson Macedo; 2nd W4j Alex Bright; 3rd S6 Caleb Currie; 4th W7 Tom Payet; 5th V21 Adam Wallis; 6th Q89 Rusty Whittaker; 7th V12 Justin McMinn; 8th N78 Troy Jenkins; 9th N11 Jay Waugh; 10th S57 Robert Heard; 11th V39 Nick Parker; 12th S83 Brett Ireland; 13th V27 Dillon Ghent; 14th V26 Taylor Gore; 15th N14 Nathan Smee (DNF); 16th N51 Michael Stewart (DNF); 17th V22 Joe Lostitch (DNF); 18th N24 Clint Leibhardt (DNF); 19th S71 Troy Ware (DNF); 20th V23 Matt Jackson (DNF); 21st NZ1 Michael Pickens (DNF); 22nd T91 Brock Webster (DNF); 23rd V97 Kaidon Brown (DNF); 24th V71r Domain Ramsay (DNF).

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