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Today each 19/20 season registered Speedcar owner in Australia has received an email to enable online voting for season 19/20 rule change submissions, without having to attend a club meeting. While this has been in plan all season to streamline voting and rule book updates, it's especially useful now in the current environment. Each survey link is unique, and can be used only once. Owners with multiple registered cars will receive multiple emails with different links so be sure to submit your votes in each. Voting is anonymous aside from your state to allow for tracking of responses. If you are a registered car owner from season 19/20 and have not received an email, please contact There are 10 proposals to vote on, which in total should take approximately 6 minutes on average. Pictures / diagrams are included where applicable. Voting can be completed on a PC/laptop, tablet, or smart phone. VOTING CLOSES: Midnight 16th May 2020 (AEST). This allows us to review and revise the rule book well before the season (hopefully) starts for 20/21. Emailed links will not work after this time. If you have any questions on the content of the proposals, as always you can discuss with your fellow members, Speedcar Advisory Committee (aka Tech Committee) reps, and your state delegates. If you experience any issues with the online voting form itself, feel free to contact Alison via or 0419 352 231.

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