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NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the 81st Australian Speedcar Championship!

Nominations for the 2024 Australia Speedcar Championship are done through the Perth Motorplex Online Entry System - to nominate now click HERE

If you are not already registered please select Registration from the Perth Motorplex Online Entry System menu.

Thank you to host club, the W.A. Speedcar Drivers Association Inc for the title info pack, now also available for download on our nomination page.


25th Feb 2024, midnight - Regular $430 nominations close.

26th Feb 2024 - Additional $100 Late Fee applies, ending 5pm 4th March.

4th March 2024, after 5pm (WST) - $100 Late Fee and penalty applies. Competitor will start ROF in their first two heats as per the Speedcars Australia Racing Manual.

NOTE: final late nominations will be accepted only upon agreement with the Promoter were impacting programmed events.


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