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With the 81st Australian Speedcar Championship run and won, a quick thank you post from Speedcars Australia before moving onto planning for season 2023/24!


- Ashleigh Wellfare and Shaun McDonald from the Speedcar Association of NSW. The social media voices of this season's championship, Ash & Shaun posted the nominations, grids, results and more throughout the event on this very page.

- The hardworking officials - Michael Harders, Geoff Chisholm, Dave Lambert, Tony Anderson, Ashleigh Wellfare, Shaun McDonald, Teearn Summers, Caitlin Greenwood, Glenn Gorham, Sean Barnett, Peter Styles, Chief Steward Wayne Baines, and Michael Braggs from Speedway Australia.

- The Australian Speedcar Championshiphosts - the promotors, employees and volunteers at Eastern Creek Speedway, including the fantastic track safety crews.

- Local club, the Speedcar Association of NSW who hosted the Calcutta and promoted the two weekends of competition. Special mention to the executives Jayden Edge, Jeffrey Burns, and Glenn Gorham for the administrative work in the lead up to the event.

- The teams and competitors who travelled from WA, SA, TAS, QLD, VIC, NSW, New Zealand and the United States!

- And lastly to the race fans who got to see the action whether in person or online thanks to SpeedwayAustralia.TV. Thank you for being part of our event.

Watch this page as title planning gets underway for the 82nd Australian Speedcar Championship, in conjunction with 23/24 host club the W.A. Speedcar Drivers Association Inc - WASDA.

Congratulations once more to American Brady Bacon for claiming the win from West Aussie Kaiden Manders, and fellow American Thomas Meseraull T-Mez. Congrats also to Gavin Ohlback Racing on claiming two consecutive championships!


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