Official Nominations for the 77th Australian Speedcar Championship!

Official Nominations for the 77th Australian Speedcar Championship at Murray Bridge Speedway, Friday 9th & Saturday 10th February: 1NZ Michael Pickens NZ 4S Norm Moore SA 4V Luke Ferguson VIC 4W Alex Bright USA 6N Michael Jordan NSW 6Q Darren Vine QLD 6S Harley Bishop VIC 7S Nick Rowe WA 10S Luke Bowey SA 10V Travis Mills VIC 11U Dave Darland USA 12N Ryan Jones SA 12W Chris Telenta WA 13N Adam Clarke NSW 14W Neville Lance WA 15V Andy Pearce VIC 22Q Scott Farmer QLD 22V Joe Lostitch VIC 24W Dayne Kingshott WA 25Q Anthony Chaffey QLD 26N Jamie Hall NSW 26W Keenan Fleming WA 27N Reagan Angel NSW 39V Nick Parker VIC 40N Gary Rooke NSW 42Q Hayden Williams NZ 45S Rory

One Day Left for Regular Nominations in the 77th Australian Speedcar Championship!

IMPORTANT DRIVERS & CAR OWNERS - Regular nominations for the 77th Australian Speedcar Championship close 5pm (Adelaide), Monday 29th January. Nominations received after this time will incur a $100 late fee. Nominations can be made online via PC, tablet or mobile via Speedcars Australia's website via, with fees payable via direct deposit or cheque. NOMINATION INFORMATION:​​ Per rule 7.7.1, to qualify for nominating in the Australian Speedcar Championship meeting, all drivers must race at one Speedcar Australia Inc. sanctioned race meeting (attendance at a rain-out meeting included), in the current race season prior to the Australian Speedcar Championship Ti

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