With the 79th Australian Speedcar Championship run and won, a quick thank you post from Speedcars Australia INC. before moving onto planning for the 80th event! Thank you to: - Danielle Pearce from the VSDA - the social media voice of the event, posting nominations, results, videos and deleting the 12,000 fake broadcast links on this very page! - Our hardworking officials from across the country - Gary Winterbottom and Michael Harders, our Chief Steward and Assistant Chief Steward respectively; Katie Mills, Dean Wellfare, Rick McKay, Eric Smith, Kai Stephens, plus Liz Weaver and Adam Brook from Speedway Australia. - Our excellent hosts at Premier Speedway, Warrnambool; one of the best tracks


Night 2 of the Dutton Garage Australian Speedcar Championship as presented by Dream Multi-Media certainly didn’t disappoint, as right from the opening lap of the opening heat of the night, the racing intensity lifted to an amazing level. American Carson Macedo added his name to the long and illustrious list of Australian Speedcar Champions as he wheeled the Sean and Felicity Dyson backed N99 to Victory Lane. The 40-lap feature was punctuated by stoppages after it looked like Macedo would have to earn his keep as he came under early attack from Michael Pickens and Kaidon Brown before Brown retired to the infield and Pickens tagged the turn two concrete, inverting the once pristine NZ1 ent

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