IMPORTANT REMINDER: Pre-Event (including Practice) Annual

An important reminder for all Speedcar competitors and car owners: Prior to participating in any event (including practice, time trials, qualifying, hot lapping, warm up, race or other programmed session) all Speedcars must be registered via their state Speedcar Association. Annual season registration includes not only the completion and submission of forms with the applicable fees; but also mandatory scrutineering by your club's authorised Scrutineer. Per Speedway Australia Rule & Regulations, point 3.2.2 ‘Prior to the commencement of each racing season and at any other time that the relevant Affiliated Association or other controlling body may direct, the Race Car Owner of every Race Car s

New Speedcars Australia Board & Executive Committee Announcement

Speedcars Australia Incorporated are pleased to announce our new Executive Committee effective immediately, as elected by the Speedcars Australia Inc board. Michael Harders (QLD) who has spent a combined 4 years in the national Secretary role, has today been elected as the Speedcars Australia President. Harders replaces long term presidential stalwart Mark Cooper (NSW), who recently stepped down from his NSW Delegate position. We thank Mark for his dedication and efforts having represented both Speedcars Australia and NSW for a number of years. Subsequently we also welcome Glenn Gorham back to the board as the replacement NSW delegate. Glenn was previously on the Speedcars Australia board be

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